Friday, September 7, 2012

Gone but never forgotten

A year ago today my Aunt left this world. It doesn't feel quite that long. In that time we welcomed our fifth and final baby into our lives, so that does make time fly I guess.

My Aunt was quite a lady, left her mark on everyone she ever met. She was a gem. She spoke her mind and didn't put up with a lot of crap. She made our extended family.

She had battled ovarian cancer for over 1 and a 1/2 years, succumbing to it 5 days after her 62 birthday.

My Aunt was kind of like the matriarch of our extended family, she was more like the grandmother to my cousins and myself, and especially to my kids.

She would often say that I was most like her. I do resemble her but fortunately I'm one of the few girls in the family who inherited some height. We are/were outspoken, loving and very tolerant women.

My Aunt has left quite an impact on us all. I miss her terribly and still love her dearly.

R I P Auntie xxx

**Give my little boy a huge kiss and squeeze from me :)

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