Friday, September 7, 2012

Gone but never forgotten

A year ago today my Aunt left this world. It doesn't feel quite that long. In that time we welcomed our fifth and final baby into our lives, so that does make time fly I guess.

My Aunt was quite a lady, left her mark on everyone she ever met. She was a gem. She spoke her mind and didn't put up with a lot of crap. She made our extended family.

She had battled ovarian cancer for over 1 and a 1/2 years, succumbing to it 5 days after her 62 birthday.

My Aunt was kind of like the matriarch of our extended family, she was more like the grandmother to my cousins and myself, and especially to my kids.

She would often say that I was most like her. I do resemble her but fortunately I'm one of the few girls in the family who inherited some height. We are/were outspoken, loving and very tolerant women.

My Aunt has left quite an impact on us all. I miss her terribly and still love her dearly.

R I P Auntie xxx

**Give my little boy a huge kiss and squeeze from me :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The 'sickie'!

I only work one day a week, not even a day really. 6 hours tops! That is enough with 4 kids and a household to run. I managed 2 shifts when there were 3 kids but I know I'm not Super mum and I do not want to run myself down. I very rarely ring in sick, even if the kids are a little off I know they are in perfectly capable hands with my mother. But I did it, I called in for a day off. Told my DON that I was in real need of a mental health day! I'm in real need of a mental health week, month, year!

We as a family, have had a huge week, early on our 2 littlies had colds and viral infections. Then the seizure drama with our Princess, which she seems to have gotten over. Mr Crankypants and I on the other hand, haven't! We have gone from being quite laid back, relaxed type parents to overbearing paranoid freakazoids!! Even the 2 year old is copying us, calling out to his sister "are you OK A?" instead of "quiet A!". And now to top it all off, our big boy the teen has a cold and it is having a party with his asthma!

I need to scream!! Or punch someone (I have a few people in mind)!

So it is looking like my mental health day won't be spent relaxing and taking in/making sense of the drama that has unfolded but much of the same everyday business that I tend too..........washing, cleaning, cooking, washing and cleaning some more etc

Still I don't have to get up extra early, or leave the house! The pyjamas WILL be staying on :)

Kel :) xx

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The unknown!

We had a scare last night, a BIG scare! We found our Princess on her bedroom floor, limp and unable to move :( we tried rousing her but all she could manage was to follow us with her eyes!
She had been in the shower 10 minutes prior and had dried herself and had wrapped the towel around her head. Does not remember a thing apart from sitting on her bed.

An ambulance was promptly called while we sat with her calmly calling her name, crying and even though I don't believe in God, praying!

As an enrolled nurse everything about this screamed alarm bells. The word 'stroke' kept springing to mind but would not be said out loud in fear of
Mr Crankypants really losing his cool.

Turned out our Princess was having a seizure, a first, and I couldn't pick it. We were rushed into the children's hospital with a swap from paramedic to MICA along the way. She seized so badly in the MICA that they had to pull over to get the drip into her arm and then had to assist her with breathing. At this stage I was sitting in the front, everything feeling unrealistic.

She continued to seize at the hospital and they were about to intubate her for a CT scan when she woke up! So relieved that no ventilation was required :) and her CT scan came back clear.

After a few hours Princess was sitting up in bed, talking with no recollection of what had happened to her. She has been her normal self since. Because of this the Doctors think its likely that this could happen again :(

So now we are in some warped type of limbo. We will be prepared with what is necessary to deal with the seizures but will need to keep a vigilant eye on her. She really won't like us cramping her style!!

Further tests in a few weeks when things may have settled down may give us some answers but for now we just have to play a waiting game.

Kel :) xx

**apologies for any spelling errors, still a little frazzled!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forever grateful for beautiful friends :)

Today has been crappy! Not awful, not thrilling, not even happy but crappy!!
My two little boys Ryno & B aged 2 and 10 months respectively have both got colds :( the very first for both of them. They are snotful, coughy and the same time! I need another me!
B has even managed to vomit every feed up, such a sad sorry little fella. He is not coping well with this at all.

With two of them sick, I am not either. With a big gap between my big two, they never managed to be sick at the same time. So this is all new to me. If they'd both nap at the same time it would be ace.

I'm not one to ask for help, I always try to do it on my own. Very slowly learning that I cannot!
One of my greatest friends (EVER) Ant called in today on his way to work, armed with baby panadol, chocolate, a magazine and hot chips! He knew the boys had been unwell and just wanted to offer some assistance, he almost reads my mind. Poor bugger even cleaned up some puke!

Ant is one of three friends that i have that has been there with me through thick and thin. I've known him since i was 12, my hubby has known him since he was born. We met because of him. We have made him Godfather to 3 of our boys although he is Uncle to all 5. I don't imagine my life without him!

Shaz is my bestie, has been since we were 15. I love her, and she loves me despite all of my flaws! Shaz was my maid of honour and is Godmother to boy number 1. She is a fantastic listener and always manages to get me to see things from other points of view. She is one of the funniest people i know and I've had some of the best times of my life with her. Thoughtful, caring and goes out of her way for others :)

Then there is Kris who I've known for 8 years but we hit it off from day one. Her partner is a mate of my hubby and although they don't see other except for party's or other special occasions, Kris and I see each other on a weekly basis. I have the best laughs with her. She loves my kids and often tells me she isn't here to see me but to see the kids, to get her kid fix!! Crazy woman has 5 boys of her own but still comes here for a fix LOL!!

So these are my people, my non-blood related family! They are part of who I am :)
Seeing, speaking or thinking about them always makes me remember that this is just one bad day, not a bad week (yet), not a bad month and not a bad year!

Kel :) xx

Monday, July 30, 2012

Not as easy as it looks!

OK, so this blog thing is not as easy to set up as i thought it would be.......but I'm here now!
Almost gave up numerous times thanks to the toddler and baby but persevered :)

Last September we welcomed our fifth baby (boy number four) into our world, and with his arrival I took advantage of a full year's maternity leave. I hadn't had a full year off since our eldest, who is now thirteen, turned two! The longest mat leave I'd ever used was six months. In saying that though I DON'T work full-time, only two or three shifts a week and those were only up to seven hour shifts.

It has been during my time at home that I have discovered the 'blogger world' out there, I love reading what people have to say. I love all the differences of opinions. I love reading about other people's views of the world. I just love it!

So here I am, not knowing if anyone will read this, or whether it even matters. Imma gonna do it anyways!

Kel :) xx